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Kinder Blowing Bubbles

and values

The freedom to explore creatively and acquire skills

Learning about limits, gaining self-confidence, dealing with criticism and emotions. Develop creativity, self-confidence and concentration.

Learn first practical life skills such as numbers, letters and logical thinking.
Expressing themselves through art, crafts and music.

We provide the best conditions for your child's development. Qualified staff for care and development. Open feedback culture.

Playing, laughing and working together. Resolving conflicts and listening to each other. Learning to respect other people and their feelings.

Living in a modern world, being environmentally aware, sustainable lifestyles and conscious living.

Every child is different and unique. We support and encourage each personality, for individual development and self-finding.

Our implementation

Creativity is a primary goal. The children are given the opportunity to explore different materials and techniques. Freedom of expression is encouraged and their imagination is stimulated through creative arts. Every child is born with the ability to learn a language, i.e. to imitate sounds, understand words and later form sentences until they can speak perfectly. We harness this ability by teaching very young children to speak English effortlessly. For the children, this is an exciting journey into a new world. There is no stress - on the contrary - it is great fun!

The nursery (pre-school) philosophy is based on the English school curriculum in conjunction with the needs of children with English as their first and second language.

Our aim is to provide children with the opportunity to learn or (for children, with an international background) retain the English language, as well as to build an excellent foundation in literacy, numeracy, creativity, social and emotional skills.

We also apply some Montessori aspects, such as the "life skills" aspect.

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