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Junge, der im federnd Schloss spielt


More than just a place to play together

Learning together

Pelita's kindergarten is located in an industrial estate in Hemming, south of Hanover. The children between 3-6 years of age learn English as well as many other things for their development. Twice a day, the children are divided into two groups to allow for age-appropriate learning

The outdoor area

The outdoor area is used all year round and is equipped with various toys. In addition to playtimes, we also offer outdoor activities, such as planting and caring for plants, to strengthen the connection to nature and environmental awareness.

The interiors

To start the day, we have breakfast in the morning, such as muesli and fruit. At lunchtime, all children and teachers eat together. Lunch can be purchased from us or brought in by the children themselves. 


The two group rooms are equipped with all kinds of play and learning materials. From gross to fine motor skills, all abilities can be developed. Seasonal handicraft projects and free painting encourage creativity and imagination.


The bathroom is equipped with child-friendly sanitary facilities. After lunch, all children brush their teeth under supervision. The entire kindergarten is cleaned every day and cleanliness and hygiene are the top priorities.

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